This endowment funds an annual first-place Juried Photography Exhibition prize
for excellence in photography in memory of

Sataporn Suravichai Zoller

 Thank you to those who contributed

We have made every effort to include the names of endowment contributors.

Please let us know if we have omitted your name or acknowledged you incorrectly.

Sei Tokuda
Louis F. Vion
Roswitha Nickl
Joan Janes
Richard & Marie Wiese
Alfred & Florence Allmaras
Levan W. Merrihew
Karl H. J. Mueller
Barry & Carol Kane
Linda de Bottari
Irene E. Waters
Diane and Van Record
Albert & Allison Cruz
Jeanette Lacinski
Silvana Penavic
Antoinette Lamberti
Chauncey Olinger Jr.
Stephen & Josephine Ciaravella
Jeffrey P. Lechleiter & Mark G. Wade
Vincent Burger & Barbara Rottmann
Arturo & Elena Quintana
Alvin Chung
Friends of Pat Vecchio
Marian Ulrich
Susan Carter
E. Rennenberg
Gerald & Stella Shak
Lois Walker
Kathleen Carlsson
Richard H. & Judith Zoller
R. L. Goggin
Andrew J. Schmitt
B.J. Spoke Gallery
Annette Grano
Helen Williams
Nancy Knapp
Sydelle Singer
Lisa & John Hermanson
Five Towns College
Arthur J. Abrams
Nicholas Deliha
Velma Teichert
Elizabeth Emmerich
Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Wicker
Marion Hohmann
June Carlson
David Doran
Anthony & Sandra Laurino
Jeffrey P. Lechleiter
Eber Jr. & Mary Davis
Nat’l. League of American Pen Women-Suffolk Branch