Giving to a Smithtown Township Arts Council endowment is a way for you to provide a legacy, a statement of your life that will continue long after you are gone. The assets you contribute will always be there to enhance the quality of life that  good arts programs infuse into the whole community. 


The Endowment Creates A Memory in Perpetuity


The Departments of the Endowment 

Morgan Society
General Operating

Renoir Society
Visual Arts

Otis Skinner Society

Fitzgerald-Dickinson Society

De Mille Society

John Dewey Society
Arts Education

Nureyev Society

Berenson Society
Artist in Residence

The Smithtown Township Arts Council Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to promote the arts in Suffolk County and to protect and enrich its township’s unique quality of life.
The Endowment provides an opportunity for forward-looking philanthropy and gifts provide for all ages of the Ssuffolk County Communities.
The Endowment is organized to receive funds in the form of cash and securities. These gifts are defined as: Permanently Restricted Net Assets resulting from contributions and other inflows of assets. The Council's use of these gifts is limited by donor-imposed stipulations that neither expire by the passage of time
nor can be fulfilled or otherwise removed by the actions of the Council.
The Endowment has other forms of bequest that change as a consequence of time and events. These are arranged with gift giver direction.
Please consider a gift to The Endowment of the Smithtown Township Arts Council. It provides for the future of the Arts in Smithtown Township, tax benefits to the donors now and a remembrance in perpetuity.

With Gratitude for Your Donations

Smithtown Township Arts Council gratefully acknowledges its many donors and supporters whose generosity makes our work possible. Thank you for your support!

Josephine Zoller Memorial

Sataporn Suravichai Zoller Memorial