Adult Drawing and Painting consists of an on-going learning experience covering all aspects of drawing and painting for adult beginners, intermediate students, and advanced students. Unlike a ‘fixed duration’ course, where it runs for a period of weeks or months and then is finished, this class is ongoing. You can join month to month without any requirement for a long term commitment. You can work for a just a month or for years, -- for as long as you are learning and enjoying the class. The goal is for you to consider the class a vital part of your artistic development, a training ground for your efforts. 
The class will focus on improving your skills regardless of your current level of proficiency.  Each student will be directed according to where they are in the learning process. Draw or paint in the medium of your choice (watercolor, oil, or acrylic). You will learn or improve your drawing and/or, painting skills through improved color theory, color mixing, the use of correct tonal value, elements of design, understanding perspective, improved ability to handle the paint – watercolor, oil, or acrylic, and the use of proper art materials, and much more. Subjects will include landscape, still life, and figurative drawing and painting. 
Painting and drawing demonstrations by the instructor will be a regular part of the learning experience. But you will be encouraged to find your own style and ‘voice’ rather than simply coping the instructor’s. Each class will begin with a brief discussion and/or demonstration of key skills and techniques, then moving right into drawing and painting. Depending on the topic covered, there will be reference photos provided, or a still life set up to draw/paint from, perhaps an afternoon of painting out of doors, or a figure drawing session. The instructor will demonstrate various techniques along the way and will spend time working with each student individually throughout the session. If you are a landscape painter, no problem, if you like figurative work, that is fine – we will cover a broad range of topics but you can be as specific in your area of interest as you like.
The beautiful Mills Pond house and property will give us a wonderful atmosphere to work in. As weather permits, we will have opportunity to paint outside in the open air.