Embrace your senses, engage your mind…see what the arts can open your eyes to!
Smithtown Township Arts Council is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) community cultural organization that exists to integrate the arts into the fabric of everyday life on Long Island. A fundamental goal of this organization is to show how the Arts inspire, educate, cause positive change, and generally improve the quality of life for the residents of the communities we serve.
Adding an important dimension to our lives, the arts make us unique, record our lives, provide forum for debate, improve education, create community engagement, and encourage multicultural expression. The Historic Mills Pond House provides a creative outlet and the opportunity to experience, investigate, and discover contemporary art cultural issues which are engaging and relevant to the public's daily lives and civic responsibilities. The Arts Council offers programs for families and children that invite active and collaborative learning through the arts, engaging participants in arts experiences that connect them to the performers and creative minds who enrich their lives.
Art is a language that most people speak, cutting through individual differences in culture, educational background, and ability
Mills Pond Art Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic development and achievements of our region and the nation. Our exhibitions provide diverse art experiences for individuals and reach our local communities through classes, special events and community outreach programs that focus on active and collaborative learning through the medium of art. By exhibiting historical and contemporary works of art from local to national sources, we bring arts and people together to discover, enjoy, and understand the nation’s rich and diverse artistic heritage.

With eight to ten exhibition opportunities each year, artists from almost every state in the nation have exhibited with us over the past 40 years. Guest jurors contribute to the critical dimension of the selected works in the gallery, providing a venue for artists working in a wide variety of media and subject. The gallery is open Wednesday through Friday 10am - 4pm; Saturdays & Sundays 12noon-4pm. The gallery is closed holidays and between exhibits.
About the Historic Mills Pond House: The noted New York City architect, Calvin Pollard, designed the Greek Revival Mills Pond house in 1838 for William Wickham Mills. Like his client, Pollard was born in 1797 and was raised in upstate New York, but found success in the big City. Mills descended from a long line of wealthy Long Island farmers who gave the name Mills Pond to an area known to the Indians as Cuttscunsuck ("two small ponds"). Mills Pond House preserves the locality's name, but departs from tradition in other respects. Its high-style Grecian design is unusual on Long Island and the hand of an accomplished architect is nearly unique at this early date. Pollard's influence is seen in the use of imported materials: Albany boards, Carolina yellow pine, English glass, Connecticut stone, and Santo Domingan mahogany. Even the silvered hardware, decorative plaster, and carpeting were bought in New York City shops. William Wickham Mills died in 1865 and his home descended in the family until its gift to the Town of Smithtown in 1976. Today, it is preserved for use as an arts-related facility and is home to Smithtown Township Arts Council.
Smithtown Township Arts Council’s Art Education program strives to create an environment that encourages students to explore and investigate. Using the current exhibition as a resource, workshop and classes participants will learn to make personal connections with the art through art making.