Ross Barbera

Media: Visual Painting Mixed Media

My recent work focuses on the natural sunlit world of the northeast landscape. Paintings range from extreme close ups of pond surfaces, trees, forest floors, leaves and flowers to more encompassing views. Created in acrylic on canvas, they explore the visual interaction that occurs between streams, ponds and bodies of water with their surrounding landscape environments. Inspired by the interplay and rich diversity of textural surfaces, form and color elements within these natural places, especially on water surfaces, my paintings capture close-up views of intimate forest settings. Sometimes tiny worlds of subtle harmonies and rhythms are revealed, where the recognizable becomes abstract. My watercolor jewelry pendants, bracelets and hairpieces are hand made constructions inspired by the shapes I see in nature's presentation of water and ice. Individual jewelry pieces are created by gluing layers of Arches watercolor paper to build a very strong organic shape. On the outermost layer I paint either an abstract or representational watercolor image, and I compose the image to harmonize with the shape of the abstract jewelry piece. My creations are completed by applying a clear acrylic varnish, and baking in an oven to achieve a hard, impervious surface. I like to think of my jewelry pieces as miniature, wearable paintings. Please visit