Maureen Ginipro

Media: Visual Mixed Media

Maureen Ginipro was always interested in art but did not have the opportunity to take any courses or classes until recent years. Once retired she looked for any opportunity to learn about any type or form of visual art that was available to her. Those classes helped her learn what she loved and find what seems to be her ‘niche’. She creates her artwork using mixed media, collage and Zentangle. Texture, form, images and words are important to my mixed media pieces. I hope they convey memories, interest and feelings as they are viewed. Mixed media gives me the opportunity to use found objects, old photos and other bits of life. Paper in any shape and form gives me pleasure.  My torn paper collages are my newest endeavor. Most of the paper in these pieces is handmade.  I like using the papers as my 'paint' to create images.” Maureen has been working with the Zentangle form of pen and ink drawing for a few years. “I am basically self-taught and I find the repetitive patterns both relaxing and interesting to do. I was drawn to this art form because of its bold appearance and have tried to incorporate the 'doodles' into different forms of art pieces. My art gives me pleasure and I hope brings pleasure to those who view it.”