Linda Louis

Media: Visual Mixed Media

Linda Louis’s compulsive devotion to her personal vision, has garnered much praise and attention. Her work has been handled by three New York City galleries; her art hangs in many private and public collections; she has been featured in the New York Times and as magazine cover art with accompanying stories. Ms. Louis was also chosen as Featured artist by the National Endowment for the Arts 50th Anniversary 2015. Linda Louis is driven to make art every day …. to explore a theme until ‘all the juice has been squeezed out.’    Asking Linda Louis to explain her work, she says, is like asking a snail to give meaning to its shell. Louis’s paintings, drawings and three-dimensional art represent a vibrant self-contained universe with a sky, a far horizon and no limits. You are invited to take a walk in this universe of fanciful and mysterious images. They have been nurtured by an interior life bubbling over with raw material and a rebellious yearning to build a magical world populated to overflowing. “My world of art represents real or illusory experiences, captured before they slip away,” says the artist. “Then fragments return when I am thinking of something else.” Louis interprets the ephemeral … makes it tangible, perceptible, concrete. Maybe you will re-discover your dreams in her work. As in the fairytale where the children leave breadcrumbs in the woods to mark their trail, Louis leads us into a virtual forest of remarkable visions, personalities and metaphors. But ohhh … the birds have eaten the breadcrumbs and we are left to explore on our own. Come … take a virtual walk. Have an adventure!