Lance Corey

Media: Visual Painting

Being Irish, Iroquois, and French Canadian: My values, my life-long love of history and learning; my politics, and my willingness to speak truth to power… these inform my art. A child of Merrick, LI; A graduate of Mepham High School; Running track and body surfing, playing baseball, ice hockey, rugby and boxing; Having been a Lifeguard and a broiler-man; artists’ model, bouncer, housecleaner/painter; gas station attendant and real estate agent; chauffer, butler and sewer man; Earning degrees in Communication Arts from Notre Dame ’71, Philosophy and Theology from Truman State ’76, and History and International Relations from Long Island University ’94; Winning Fulbright Scholarships to study in Egypt in ’88 and China in ’93; teaching World History and Geography in NYC for 22 years; taking 3 NYC students to live with the Maasai in Kenya for 2 weeks in 1990; returning to Kenya to record their folk music and songs a month later…these all play a part. When I am asked in what style I paint, I say “It is mine!" It is my vocabulary, giving form to my life experiences. I’m not interested in refining techniques; I paint from my gut, my heart, and my mind. Primitive, raw, unschooled, self-taught with purpose: To challenge and provoke; To use my art as a weapon; To bring ideas up for examination; To touch the common nerve that binds us all; To expose all for all to see and ponder. In looking into my art others will see them-selves and they’ll see me: My demons, passions and missions in life are apparent in my art. I sold my first abstract painting of a New York City skyline for $10 when I was ten. By age 11 I was copying Rouault and Modigliani from photos cut out of magazines like Better Homes & Gardens. My mother was my muse.  I’ve been influenced by the Impressionists, the Post-Impressionists, the Fauvists, Matisse, Picasso, Jackson Pollock and the many other Abstract Expressionists. They opened the door for my Neo-Primitivism.  Future performances are being planned.I started exhibiting my paintings and drawings again in 2009.