Julia Gatti

Email: Jewelsgatti@aol.com
Media: Visual Drawing Painting Mixed Media

To connect with nature one has to be awed by its magnificence. The spiritual, the metaphysical and our connection with nature is the outward breath of the artist and is manifested in our creations. The interplay of light and energy in the petals of a flower and the iridescent dewdrops on the clover in the morning mist are magical realms that connect us to the creative intelligence that is infused all around us and within us. It is this primordial essence that appeals us to connect our souls to Mother Earth and to each other in peace. The artist is a servant of the gods and is given the duty to transform and heal humanity through the expression of the beauty of creation all around us. I am a forever seeker and watcher. I study metaphysics, astrology and ancient religions. I also believe in the magical and whimsical. I believe that my works convey that which is deep within me. I am a self-taught artist. In college at SUNY at Stony Brook I graduated with a double major in English Literature and Fine Arts in 1986. I enjoy using a variety of medias to express myself. I especially like Prismacolor pencils, pen and ink, and ceramic and polymer clay. Recently, a sculpture of mine, The Green Man, Derg Corra, was featured in the Polymer Cafe Magazine in the February 2013 issue