Gustavo Lucin

Media: Visual Painting

The new series I have been working on has a new look very different from my past paintings. One of the new technical concepts I’m constantly using is dynamics. In this area I’m exploring solid forms dissipating in the air to create perspective. This dissipating matter moves and flows around its objects just as musical notes ring in the air and remain in our ears for a couple of seconds. My paintings’ matters, or so called visual objects, stay in our memory echoing with colors in an infinite shape. With this conceptualization of particles effects I’m able to show the energy matter that we are made of it. We experience the wind blowing in the air and I interpret it as a flowing energy as in the painting “Reaching”. In the painting “Hail Mary” I used a glazing brushstroke with patterns to recreate an almost divine figure and at times sometimes like a ghost. I leave it up to your own interpretation. In “Infinite” I used the circle in a coil shape to create no end. In “Majestic” the technique relies on a mask, the identity is the shield, and the eyes are a window to the soul. In “Majestic” I wanted to show how we assume different roles and personalities, with different people in different situations, and one of them is “strength.”  In The painting “Ocean Sounds” I used circles with triangular shapes, and a few words like a formula to show how a submarine sounds when it is transmitting a message in the deep ocean. In “Trash” I used multiple patterns combined with Islamic designs to create fish bones and a few solid objects as the soda can on the floor to interpret environmental causes and damages. In the “Thinker” I surrounded him with cut-out circles waving around it to create an enigma. “Quixote” is what I feel is left from the literature of Cervantes; Memory, Beauty, and a hero from the past!