Francine Corso

Media: Visual Drawing

Francine, a graduate of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (NYU), worked for the Grumman corporation testing software on the Lunar Module(LM), and worked with embedded software in avionics for various military aircrafts, has overcome so much to become the accomplished artist she is today. One afternoon she was found unconcious on her kitchen floor due to a massive brain hemorrage. Not expected to live, she not only fought for her life, but went on to gaining the ability to even drive. Her daughter bought her a box of pastels and paper one Christmas. even though Francine had no background in art, Francine enrolled in an art class and thus changed her life. Francine now studies with various artists, enters her work in exhibitions and has won many awards. "I try to make my art uplifting and inspiring, adding a little more beauty to my surroundings. I am a nature lover, animal rights activist, and tree hugger. I attempt to take simple images in nature and life, depicting them as a thing of beauty. I use color for not only decorative purposes, but an emotional effect.