Donna Gabusi

Media: Visual Drawing Painting

A Smithtown, N.Y. native, Donna Gabusi has been an artist about 20 years. She makes black and white face portraits with pencil. Her pet and house portraits and landscapes are painted with mostly warm, earth colors of acrylic. Sometimes she paints on fabric covered mat board instead of canvas. It gives the work texture and a richer background color. “Normal is boring, beautiful/pretty is boring. I draw expressive faces, and/or wrinkled. Same with pretty scenery – boring. I like painting broken fences, puddles, dirt, reflections – landscapes of Long Island mostly. I stare at the reference photo for a while taking notes, then I turn it upside down. Your brain is forced to slow down and concentrate looking at the image in a different way. My biggest inspiration is “word-of-mouth” – a satisfied customer tells a friend. Also an interesting pose or scene gets me inspired. Other inspirations are quotes from movies, books. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” – 1993 movie A Bronx Tale. “Artists who are self-taught generally are more gifted than those with fancy degrees.” – Actor/comedian Jonathan Winters. Influences are from Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings; Billy Pappas extremely detailed drawings; Monet’s landscapes; Kathe Kollwitz’s expressive, black and white work.“