Diann Haist

Email: dhaist@gci.net
Website: http://diannhaist.com/works
Medium: Visual

I am primarily an impressionistic oil painter with occasional forays into pastel and watercolour, but always my interests have been the human element – people with perhaps an unconventional beauty, displaying the beauty of competence and character.  Since beginning my full-time art career in 1969, I have done much plein air painting, as landscape is also an interest, and living in Alaska, both its people and landscape keep me on my artistic toes. I am not afraid of colour and my brushwork has been described as bold and confident - this is what I want viewers of my work to see, that there is some passion there, no apologies, nothing timid. What I strive for is portraying the life force and character of my subjects as well as the work being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
In this way, do I truly enjoy exploring my life as an artist.